7 Ways to Know You Need to Use a Sandblaster Instead


A sandblaster is used when you need to prepare, prep, and restore a surface. When used wrongly, serious damage can be made. Here our 7 ways when you know you should use a sandblaster.

1. Getting Ready to Paint

Prepping the surface for paint is extremely important. You need to know it is free of old chipped paint. When you apply the new coat of paint it goes on smoothly and look it’s very best. Sandblasting is the best way to do just that. It will completely remove the old paint and leave the area ready for the new fresh coat.

2. Removing Rust

Rust is a deadly thing. It’s like poison in the sense that whatever metal it is close to it has the power to corrode whatever is near. Especially in machinery. Removing rust with a sandblaster is a good way to get rid of any trace of corrosion. You do need to be careful when using this machine because the more you blast the more you will have to repair.


3. Looking For a Fresh Smooth Surface

Sometimes we just need a fresh surface. When we sandblast an area it actually enhances the coating adhesive. It is an overall great way to get rid of any debris and imperfections that we might have, so that when we are ready to layer something on top of the area, our prep work will be already done for us. It is way faster than using sandpaper- what may take us days to prep could take just a couple of hours.


4. Needing to Clean Tools

When we look at our tools, we might find that they need a quick easy clean. There could be tons of grease, soot, and water deposits covering our once brand new tools. Using the right pressure we can get them looking brand new in a matter of minutes.


5. Working With Mold Prone Areas

Now that we know sandblasting can be used for a multitude of things. One area we could look into using it is on wood. Perhaps we have wood beams outside that need to be spruced up or possibly they need to be stained again this year. Sandblasting is a great way to achieve the look you want. When we use water to clean wood we might find that it ages it faster, mold begins to grow, or it just starts rotting. But we know that this method of cleaning up those beams will keep them safe, we just need to make sure that soon after we seal the wood to prevent water damage- because it will remove whatever we previously had on there.


6. Restoring a Vehicle

Usually we can clean up our cars by using water pressure and we find that it cleans it up pretty nicely. What we are talking about here, is restoring your vehicle. Maybe it needs a new coat of paint, rust removed under the body of the car, or a few parts just need to be cleaned up. Sandblasting can help you achieve just that.


7. Aesthetic Purposes

It could be possible that after talking about these heavy duty ways we can use a sandblaster we might have never thought that you can use it in an aesthetic purpose. Many people nowadays like to create artwork using a sandblaster. Obviously it’s a more delicate pressure used, and a different grade of material, but people have created some interesting designs on glass, cups, and decorative doors for your home.