The Best Exterior Cleaning Supplies in the Business

Cleaning bucket with tons of house cleaning supplies


When it comes to cleaning the exterior of our homes, we automatically think it should just be left to the professionals. But, what if we said that there are a few cleaning supplies that you should always have on hand? Some of the best cleaning supplies and some of the most basic ones we all probably already have. Each product has a specific use, but surprisingly many work very well together to make it an even stronger cleaning product.

Dawn Dish Soap

Uses: Siding and Windows, Oil Spills and Patio Furniture

The thing about having dawn dish soap in your cleaning kit is, its cheap and effective. It cuts the grease, dirt and grime and leaves any surface shining. That is why it works so well on windows and vinyl siding. You can clean up oil spills in the driveway by soaking it in a mixture of dish soap with warm water, also can be used for cleaning your outdoor furniture and getting it ready for summer. Remember, when using dish soap you really don’t need a lot because it will become very sudsy, causing the rinsing process to take longer.

Baking Soda

Uses: Outdoor Grill, Stains on cement, Patio furniture

Baking soda is a very powerful outdoor cleaner. It works well as a deodorizer and a stain remover. Try using baking soda on your patio furniture to freshen it up when you pull it out of storage, or you are putting it away for the season. Baking soda also is great when used along with water, vinegar, and bleach for a more concentrated cleaner. We love to use baking soda and warm water mixed together to clean our outdoor grill. Spray it down and start scrubbing and let it set before rinsing for best results. We’ve also found that if you have a stain on cement, it works well in lifting the spot right up.


Uses: Windows, Mildew and Mold

Vinegar is acidic which means it is a good cleaner for water stains¬†and lime deposits. Which is why it works so well on hard water stains on windows. If you find spots of mold or mildew around the house wether it’s on your patio, deck, or siding, soak it with some vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes. You really want to make sure to leave sufficient time to kill the mold, then rinse off, if needed: repeat.

Long pole and a Handheld Scrub Brush

Uses: Decks and Patios, Garage Floor, Siding, Stubborn Spots.

These tools are necessary if we want to accomplish anything with the above mentioned products we need to have a good scrub brush. With choosing a good brush it’s important to think about what we are going to clean. If you are cleaning a deck, patio, or garage floor it’s probably best to go with a stiff headed brush. One that you can really work on those hard-to-remove stains. But if you are cleaning your siding we recommend you to use a poly fiber soft general wash brush that you can find at your local home improvement store. It’s also nice to have both types of brushes, one that can extend for hard to reach places, and one that you can use by hand.

Using these supplies around your house you will no doubt see amazing results. It’s the better more natural way to clean up your exterior. Sometimes we think harsh chemicals will do the job better, I mean they have to with all the chemicals they put in there. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Sometimes the most efficient way to clean is with the simplest products.