It’s called a lance, Duh!

Man cleaning exterior of purple building

Extension rods such as Telescoping Wands enable you to stand on the ground and reach up to 3 stories high. This does signify that you need a lot more power pushing the water up in the air, so you will want to make sure your hose works accordingly.


It is helpful for our safety to use extension rods. We have seen way too many people use different contraptions to try to help them reach high places and then in turn, get hurt in the process. When we use a longer rod we are able to keep ourselves safe without having to leave the ground.


Using longer poles also helps us be the most efficient we can be. We love being able to clean any surface thoroughly and fast. Our priority is that our customers are always satisfied with the work we have done. The best way to do this is to know we have all the proper tools and equipment that will allow us to get the job completed to the best of our abilities.

When choosing an extension rod – we keep two different types In mind.


This option is very popular because it’s light and easy to use. You can only use it with cold water and when the water is pumping through it tends to flex a lot. Also, a very affordable option.


The professional grade. It can be heavier but it is sturdier. Most people tend to use a support belt with this wand to help save their arms from giving out and putting the weight where we can manage it. The aluminum rod can be used with hot water pressure washers.


We highly recommend using different extensions rods for all the different types of jobs out there. It can cut your time in half, and it keeps you safe.