How To Clean Asphalt Shingles Without Damaging The Roof

Green moss pictured on roof

We all love standing back and seeing our home complete with a beautifully cleaned roof. No one likes to see the stains and streaks that the trees and mold leave behind. How will we be able to clean our roof though without damaging our shingles? There are a few methods of doing this.

Start by removing debris.

You can do this by safely securing yourself and using your hand, a brush/broom, or a blower. We need a clean surface to see the underlying issue. Whether it be an easy fix or one that entails a bit more work.

Black stains

If we revealed that under all those leaves we do indeed have those horrendous black streaks, we know we will have to use a chemical to remove it. Our initial reaction might just be to power blast it all off, but that could be damaging. It can blow off the protective layer that is found on top of our asphalt shingles and potentially ruin the warranty for your roof.

Our favorite product we like to use is an oxidation chemical that is specifically designed to kill mold. It contains a surfactant that allows us to leave it on longer and it will be sure to kill any trace of mold, and lift up those dark streaks.


Moss grows when it not getting enough sunlight to keep all the moisture from drying up. First step to preventing this is to cut down some of those branches that are keeping the light from reaching your home. Especially after those torrential downpours your roof needs awhile to dry up, or else moss and mold may begin to grow.

White distilled vinegar works well, but again it is suggested that a professional grade detergent is used and applied to the area. Specifically one that can get to the root of the problem and be sure to get every last bit of any trace of moss you may have.

Whenever you are on your roof, please make safety your primary goal. Especially when adding water to your roof, surfaces may become slippery and it makes it very easy to lose your balance.